The way we work together with the women’s rights groups and organizations is critical to their success.

We try to embrace both the critical issues and situation of women and women’s rights organizations and connect them with our available resources. We do not impose our own agenda and our perspective as a condition of our support of their activities.  

When supporting women and women's rights organizations, we seek to respect the grassroots, "bottom-up" approach. In doing so, we follow these principles:


We are aware of the effects of ethnic, gender and class categories on the lives of women. We try to be as much sensitive as possible to the different identities and experiences of women and understand them. Women are not a homogenous group of single individuals. Women are unique in their experiences and identities, constructed and situated in a historically and socially specific contexts.

Infrastructure of resistance

Essential elements for support of our work we trace in feminist and social science theories. It is our effort to connect theory with practice. Our knowledge and expertise we consciously use in favour of building conditions – infrastructure so that women can meet, organize themselves in order to exchange information and experiences, inform about the situation in their communities and advocate for their rights. We are convinced that unless women have this infrastructure, their effort is in vain.


Transformative is a process and therefore, we emphasize a good process setup resulting in increased common understanding, strengthened commitment, mutual trust and shared responsibility.